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About Us

If you are a fan of Chinese cuisine, Xiang Gong Chinese Restaurant is the ideal place for you!


Xiang Gong opened in 1992. immediately won lovers of Chinese Cuisine and joined the best restaurants of its kind.

Best Chefs

Experienced Chinese chefs will stimulate your palate with authentic flavors that come straight from the depths of China.

Quality Ingredients

Beyond the smiles and the willingness of the whole team to serve you, the respect of the customer is also appeared on the quality of materials used. Each dish is made from pure materials directly from China without adding color or msg substances.

Chinese Taste

There, you will find the soul of the restaurant, Xiang Gong, to be friendly and welcoming. His, over 30 years, experience will help even the most indecisive of you to choose a suitable meal for your taste.


Our Chefs

XIANG GONG Chefs has spent many years researching, refining and perfecting the dishes on our menu, so that each tells their own story of provence and flavour.

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